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Support Rachel MacGregor


Support Rachel MacGregor and help end ten years of abuse through the courts at the hands of Colin Craig.

Rachel's Story

"It’s given me a great deal of strength knowing that there are some people out there who can really see the injustice of the situation and are willing to do something to try to stop it. 
I can only hope that this case prevents other cases like it in the future."

-- Rachel MacGregor



Conservative Party Press Secretary

Rachel was Press Secretary for Conservative Party founder Colin Craig in the lead up to the 2014 election. She filed a sexual harassment claim against Craig with the Human Rights Commission in 2014. They reached a confidential settlement. To this day Rachel has stuck by the terms of that agreement, and has not spoken about the original case or settlement.


2014 - 2017

Series of Legal Cases Begin

Craig has drawn Rachel into a series of very public court cases, which has impacted impacted her health, and caused her major financial hardship.

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High Court Case

Craig filed claims against her for defamation, to which Rachel eventually decided to counter-claim. 

The trial started in the High Court in September 2018.



Supreme Court Case

The Supreme Court ruling confirmed the High Court decision from 2019 that Colin Craig’s actions were “highly inappropriate” and had “clear sexual content” and confirmed a May 2021 decision that Colin Craig “was aware that he acted inappropriately… and his statements in reply were false and misleading”.



Supreme Court Rules in Rachel’s Favour

On Thursday 9 September 2021, the Supreme Court of New Zealand ruled that Colin Craig has no grounds to challenge the High Court ruling that he sexually harassed his press secretary, Rachel MacGregor from 2012-2014.

Although this ends ten years of legal challenges, the financial challenges for Rachel are just beginning. Rachel now has a legal bill of over $500,000 for a series of legal cases she never wanted to be part of but was forced to participate in. This is another form of harassment, seemingly never-ending for Rachel. The power imbalance in each case has been striking. The emotional, financial and physical impact on Rachel has been considerable.

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